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The Merry Wives of Windsor


by William Shakespeare


18th March - 20th March 2010


The Lecture Hall of Mason Croft, The Shakespeare Institute


Directed by Cait Fannin, and assisted by Emily Oliver


Cast:  Richard Nunn (Sir John Falstaff), Micah Coston (Fenton), José A. Pérez Diez (Robert Shallow), Katie Coston (Abraham Slender), Gareth Bernard (Francis Ford / Bardolph), Harry Newman (George Page), Steffi Brenzel (William Page / Pistol), John Conod (Parson Hugh Evans), Emily Oliver (Doctor Caius), Red Smucker (Host of the Garter Inn / Robin),  Michelle Morton (Nym / John Rugby), Liz McNamara (Peter Simple), Elizabeth Sharrett (Mistress Alice Ford),  Cat Clifford (Mistress Margaret Page), Cecilia Kendall White (Mistress Anne Page), Yolana Wassersug (Mistress Quickly).


"A comedy about what happens when gossiping women, a jealous husband, meddling matchmakers, Welsh parsons and a very large overly confident man and his buddies all live together in the same small town. It's poor theatre meets Desperate Housewives, with a little bit of Beyonce and fabulous shoes on the side."


Programme on file in Archive at The Shakespeare Institute Library, Stratford-upon-Avon.



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