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Cait Fannin directed William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in December 2008. Cait is a talented and well known member of the SIP, having directed last year's hit The Taming of the Shrew.  She has appeared as the Wife of Bath in The Canterbury Tales and as Venus in last year's Sappho & Phao.  As well as appearing as a Reveller, she directed scenes from Othello and Richard III in Will-Full: Shakespeare's Scenes of Seduction & Persuasion.  She has appeared in ballet and theatre since the age of three and has directed in New York, Honolulu, Louisville, Miami and now Stratford-upon-Avon.  She is studying the performance of Shakespeare's Roman plays for her research degree at the University of Birmingham's Shakespeare Institute.


October 2008 - Lizz Ketterer stepped down after several years of good & faithful service as the SIP President.  New officers:  Sara Thompson (President), Emily Oliver (Secretary), Polly Heinkel (Treasurer).




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'My lord, I have news to tell you.'


- Hamlet, 2.2